Asociación entre factores de riesgo cardiometabólicos, actividad física y sedentarismo en universitarios chilenos

Gladys Ruth Morales Illanes, Teresa Balboa-Castillo, Sergio Muñoz, Carlos Belmar, Álvaro Soto, Ingrid Schifferli, Francisco Guillen-Grima


Introduction: There is a huge evidence in adults, that a high level of physical activity and a low level of sedentariness are associated independently with a reduction of cardiometabolic risk factors (CMRF). This association has been poor evaluated in young people and the results are not conclusive.

Objective: To estimate the association between CMRF, physical activity and sedentariness in Chilean university students.

Methods: Cross-sectional study. Sample of 326 students who enrolled at University of La Frontera, Temuco, Chile, in 2014. They were selected randomly
and stratified according to faculty, career and gender. We measured anthropometry, blood pressure, lipidic profile, glycemia, insulin resistance, tobacco and alcohol consumption. These variables were associated with physical activity level (PAL) and sedentariness using the IPAQ questionnaire.

Results: The students with a low PAL had a higher probability of abdominal obesity (OR: 4.68; IC 95% 1.86-11.73), metabolic syndrome (OR: 3.80; IC 95% 1.23-11.73) and triglycerides elevated (OR: 2.61 IC 95%; 1.18-5.75), compared with students with moderate and vigorous PAL (p < 0.05). There were no association between CMRF and sedentariness, even after fit by physical activity.

Conclusions: We found an association between CMRF and PAL which was independent of sedentatiness. We believe it is very important to implement effective physical activity programs at universities. It is necesary to encourage students in order to increase the physical activity level to a moderate and vigorous range with the purpose of decreasing their cardiovascular risk. We consider it is recommendable to keep studying the association between sedentariness and CMRF.

Palabras clave

Estudiantes universitarios; Enfermedad cardiovascular; Actividad física; Síndrome metabólico,;Obesidad abdominal.

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