Normative reference values for hand grip dynamometry in Spain. Association with lean mass

Francisco José Sánchez Torralvo, Nuria Porras, José Abuín Fernández, Francisca García Torres, María José Tapia, Fuensanta Lima, Federico Soriguer, Montserrat Gonzalo, Gemma Rojo Martínez, Gabriel Olveira


Background and objectives: The objective of this study was to establish reference values for hand grip strength, compare the results obtained with Collin and Jamar type dynamometers and determine their association with anthropometric and lean mass measurements.

Material and methods: This cross-sectional population-based study was undertaken in Pizarra (Málaga, Spain). The grip strength of the dominant hand was measured using Collin and Jamar dynamometers. Skinfolds (triceps, abdominal, biceps of dominant arm and subscapular) were measured, and body composition was estimated. Eight hundred seventeen adults randomly selected from the census were recruited. Dynamometry reference values are presented for the dominant hand, by gender and age groups.

Results: No determinations could be made with the Collin dynamometer in 69 women due to the difficulty in grasping the dynamometer. We found significant positive correlations between the measurements with Jamar and Collin dynamometers (r = 0.782; p < 0.001) and between grip strength and lean mass index (LMI), determined by both dynamometers (r = 0.538, p < 0.001 and r = 0.462, p < 0.001, respectively). Malnourished patients according to LMI had significantly lower grip strength than normally nourished patients (p < 0.001 for Jamar; p < 0.02 for Collin).

Conclusions: Dynamometry reference values in the Spanish population are presented. We recommend the use of the Jamar type dynamometer versus the Collin type dynamometer. Hand grip dynamometry is associated with lean mass, which confirms its usefulness in nutritional assessment.

Palabras clave

hand strength, reference values, hand grip, dynamometry, nutritional status

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