Influence of the dance discipline on body image distortion and dissatisfaction in preadolescents, adolescents and young women dancersInfluencia de la modalidad de danza en la distorsión e insatisfacción de la imagen corporal en bailarinas preadolescentes, adolescentes y jóvenes

Raquel Vaquero-Cristóbal, Miguel Kazarez, Francisco Esparza-Ros


Background: Dance discipline could modulate the presence of alterations in body image, which is a factor relationship with eating disorders.

Objective: To analyze the body image distortion and dissatisfaction in student dancers based on dance discipline.

Methods: Two hundred and ninety-eight preadolescents, adolescents and young classical, contemporary and Spanish dancers took part in the study. Participants self-fulfilled the “silhouette scale for adolescents” in order to determine the perceived and ideal image. The real body image was calculated with the body mass index data (BMI). After that, distortion index, dissatisfaction index and the relation between real and ideal image were calculated.

Results: About distortion index, classical and contemporary dancers perceived themselves with a higher BMI than they had, whereas Spanish dance showed the opposite tendency. Significant differences among classical dancers and the other modalities were found (p < 0.017). Based on distortion index results, ten dancers showed a high risk for developing an eating disorder. In the dissatisfaction index, all disciplines selected as ideal to be thinner as they perceived themselves, without significant differences. About the real/ideal index, contemporary and Spanish dancers considered as ideal silhouettes with a lower BMI than they had. Classical dancers showed the opposite tendency, with significant differences
among this group and the others (p < 0.017).

Conclusions: Most dancers have a self-image which is not related with the reality. This could act as a factor which induce eating disorders.

Palabras clave

adolescencia; desórdenes de la conducta alimentaria; ejercicio

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